Camp Rules
Following are some general rules of Fisherman’s Haven. This is not intended to be an all inclusive listing or to be "cast in stone", but rather a guideline for courteous and fair behavior by Lessees and guests that serves to inhibit possible disharmony while staying here. Therefore, modification of this list by either Craig or Faye to suit particular conditions may occur.

A "Guest" is any person who is not a dependant member of the Lessee’s family. Lessee’s consisting of multiple families will be considered as one entity for the sake of these rules.

• Lease payments may be made in any manner the Lessee desires. We ask for the payments to be kept current. Statements will not be sent out.

• Charge tickets kept during a stay should be cleared at the end of the stay. If not, the charges will be added to your General Ledger Account, including any unpaid charges made by your guests.

• Lessees are responsible for maintaining their property in a clean and orderly manner. Fisherman’s Haven provides mowing and trimming park-wide. Please check with us before performing tree trimming.

• A 2 cubic yard dumpster is provided. During the summer months, and any time otherwise needed, it will be emptied twice weekly. Please dispose of all trash there. Please check with us before disposing of tree trimmings and yard rakings. Two trash cans will be available at the waterfront for non-household trash, i.e., boating trash, cold drink containers, etc.

• Lessees of Fisherman’s Haven are entitled to one boat slip to be occupied by the Lessee’s regular boat, on a first come basis. They are entitled to as many launches of said boat as they desire. All additional boats, whether they be guest boats, trial boats, or other watercraft, will be assessed a launch fee if launched here; they will also be assessed a slip fee if occupying a slip. Those fees are $5.00 per launch and $10.00 per slip per day, and are charged whether or not Lessee or Lessee’s boat is present; i.e., a guest boat cannot be used in lieu of Lessee’s regular boat.


• Two PWC’s will be considered as one watercraft IF they are the primary watercraft of the Lessee. They will be moored two per slip. PWC’s which are not the primary watercraft will be subject to the General Rule covering watercraft (above).

• No watercraft or other vehicles are allowed to be stored outside.

• No watercraft are to be moored in either of the two service slips at the gasoline pump or at the PWC ramp except while being serviced.

• Empty boat trailers should be returned and stored in the stall they normally occupy.

• Guest boats, still trailered, will be charged a dry parking fee of $3.00 per day. Guests parking an empty trailer but not using a slip will also be charged this parking fee.

• Our camp kids have grown up. That means we now have many more vehicles to find parking space for on the weekends. Therefore, we are encouraging carpooling when possible. We are also asking a maximum of three vehicles per trailer per day, only two of which will be allowed in the immediate trailer vicinity. The third and any additional cars will be parked along the East fence line near the boat barn. Please note: Any guest vehicle that puts the total count over three will be charged a $3.00/day parking fee regardless of where it is parked or when it arrived.

• Life jackets are required to be worn by ALL children under 13 years of age, no matter how well they may swim, whenever at the waterfront or on any of the docks. Children under 13 may swim without a life jacket ONLY IF SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT. We also suggest non-swimmers or handicapped persons wear a life jacket.

• Tents, campers, or other "camping" type enclosures will not be allowed, except by prior arrangement with Craig or Faye.

• Please inform any guests you may have or send here that everything belongs to someone. If an item does not belong to them, it is to be left alone, for the attention and enjoyment of its rightful owner. A case in point is a fishing pole or tackle left on the dock by someone; it’s not “free game”.

• Faye and I would appreciate prior notification of the arrival of people in camp, other than the primary Lessee, to use the Lessee’s property. We certainly don’t want a transient staying at anyone’s trailer and assuming it’s legitimate.

• Permanent residency is not allowed.

• Elective utilities (cable TV, satellite, telephone) are to be routed underground. Please inform us of the new service and the installer of this requirement before getting him out here. He will also need to check with us to ensure no other utility is damaged by his digging.

• Last but not least, this is our home, and as such, Fisherman’s Haven is a drug-free zone. We have a zero tolerance for controlled substances and substance abuse. We have no one to hold accountable other than you Lessees if this rule is violated. We will not hesitate to summon law enforcement personnel if any infraction is observed. This same philosophy holds true for other unlawful and/or immoral acts. Happily, we have not had to summon law enforcement to date.

If any of these rules seem burdensome, please be aware they have been instituted as a direct result of a previous abuse of privilege and are necessary to allow as much fairness to all Lessees as possible. Most of these rules have been in effect since the early ‘60's. For example, the “no tents” rule came about when one Lessee invited approximately 8 carloads of friends to come camp out for free. He usurped other Lessees’ space and amenities. That couldn't be allowed to happen again. All Lessees and many guests have been informed over the years of most of these rules, but with several people asking for a reminder and some others feeling a need for more order we felt we would do so this way.


Thank you,         

Faye & Craig McDougald